Your Business Partner

SKL‘s greatest strength is the quality of its distributor network. Our business model is developed to make your life easy. What sets us apart is the quality and durability of our products as well as the speed of execution.

Three easy ways for us to give you a quote :

  • By phone within minutes
  • By email, using our quote request form, within minutes
  • You may also quote your prices directly by using the section of our website specifically reserved for this feature
    (Please note some conditions apply)

Our sales team is accessible and well trained to support you. Everything is put in place to allow you to serve your customers in the shortest time possible, since we manufacture every unit we sell.

The benefits of becoming a distributor

  • Doing business directly with the manufacturing plant

  • Developing a new commercial and industrial customer base

  • Offer radiators, air coolers, oil coolers, condensers and heavy-duty fuel coolers

  • Stand out in the market

  • Take advantage of marketing support

  • Improve your profitability

  • Working in a sector of the future

  • Benefit from the expertise of our team, our catalogues, and our working tools

  • Access our aluminum welding training program

  • Obtain replacement parts in three ways:

    • Cooler cores (48-hour delivery time plus transportation, aluminum welding training required)
    • Complete units with welding of used tanks (delivery time on request)
    • Complete units with a new core and tanks (delivery time on request)
  • Thermal exchange calculation in compliance with energy emission regulations

Market for Replacement Heat Exchangers
We invite you to make a list of all the companies in your area within a 100 km radius that have a fleet of machinery. This inventory will give you an overview of the market to be exploited.

How to Become a Distributor

Fill out this form with a short description of your business and the reasons why you want to become a distributor. We will get in touch with you quickly. We look forward to becoming your business partner.

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